From KIN Laboratories we have compiled in this article some basic tips that we recommend you follow for the care of removable dental prostheses.

Removable dentures are artificial pieces intended to replace adjacent teeth and tissues, with the particularity that they can be placed and removed at the user’s will at any time.

Its purpose is multiple: to re-establish a correct mastication that eases the swallowing of food, improve dental aesthetics and, in certain cases, the carrier’s speech.

Removable dental prostheses are made according to the needs and oral anatomical characteristics of each person, so they are unique pieces that must be properly preserved.

Fixation of removable dentures

The use of a good denture fixative cream is essential to ensure a firm and lasting hold, so that the wearer feels comfortable and safe during meals.

The fixative cream is usually applied to three or four points on the inside of the prosthesis and fixed by finger pressure for a few seconds.

In order to contribute to a good care of the dental prosthesis, it must not move or detach after the application of the fixing cream in any case.

A bad fixation favors that food leftovers are trapped between the prosthesis and the gum, generating the ideal circumstances for the development of microorganisms that cause bad breath.

Cleanliness: a basic care in removable dentures

The removable dental prosthesis should be washed after meals with a special brush, in order to mechanically remove the leftovers of food and prevent the formation of tartar.

Hygiene should be extreme in the metal parts of the prosthesis.

On the other hand, it is very important to regularly use effervescent cleaning tablets with active oxygen to remove stains produced by the consumption of coffee, tea or tobacco and the biofilm adhered to the surface of the prosthesis.

The use of these cleaning tablets allows the most difficult or inaccessible parts of the brush to be cleaned comfortably.

It is very easy to use. Usually, it is enough to keep the dental prosthesis soaked in a glass of lukewarm water in which the tablet has been dissolved, for a period of no less than ten minutes. Thereafter, the prosthesis is rinsed with water and placed again in the mouth with the help of the fixative cream.

The lack of hygiene of removable dental prostheses can cause different problems, the most common being inflammation of the gums, fungus in the oral mucous membranes, and even the appearance of cavities and tartar in neighboring teeth if there were any.

Some useful tips for people with removable dentures

  • When eating food, initially chew carefully those of little consistency.
  • Use a heavy-duty adhesive fixing cream.
  • Wash the prosthesis after each meal with a toothbrush, water and neutral soap.
  • Clean the prosthesis daily with effervescent cleaning tablets.
  • Gently brush the palate and buccal mucosa in contact with the prosthesis.
  • Remove the prosthesis at night to allow the tissues on which it is supported to rest.
  • Handle your prosthesis with care: they are fragile.
  • See your dentist if you need a readjustment or correction of the prosthesis or if it causes you pain.

From KIN Laboratories, we encourage you to follow these basic tips for the care of removable dental prostheses. In our website you can find all the information about those KIN products specially suitable for you. If you want to be up to date with our advices, you can also follow us on our social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin o Instagram.