Does tooth sensitivity have a solution?

Causes of tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is an increasingly common problem among the young and adult population, affecting 1 in 7 adults between the ages of 18 and 40.

However, contrary to what is sometimes thought, tooth sensitivity can be prevented and treated . The first step is to detect the root of the problem to find the most effective treatment according to the needs of each patient. Our Cariax Desensitizing and SensiKIN lines offer specific care in situations of tooth sensitivity.

What is tooth sensitivity?

Also known as dental hypersensitivity, it is a sharp pain that occurs in a specific area of the mouth. It is noticed as a brief but very uncomfortable prick, caused by an external stimulus such as contact with cold or heat directly on the tooth.

Although the teeth are usually protected against this type of uncomfortable sensation, when the inner part of the tooth, the dentine, is unprotected and comes into contact with any external stimulus, pain is produced that can vary in intensity and duration.

Dentin is the tissue of the tooth that lies underneath the enamel and contains thousands of dentinal tubules, which somehow connect the outside of the tooth to the nerve endings inside the tooth. When dentin is exposed, external stimuli such as cold or heat are perceived by the nerve of the tooth producing tooth sensitivity.

According to the definition of dentin hypersensitivity given by the Madrid College of Hygienists, the external stimuli that produce it can be thermal, chemical or tactile. The level of sensitivity varies according to the type and location of the damage to the dental enamel.

The most common symptoms

How do I know if I have tooth sensitivity so I can act accordingly? The type of pain or discomfort this condition presents is easily recognizable.

The most common symptom for the detection of tooth sensitivity is the appearance of an intense and localized pain. This can be a very uncomfortable twinge, in response to an external stimulus, or even spontaneous.

Causes of tooth sensitivity

Although there are genetic factors that make some people more prone to tooth sensitivity, the vast majority of causes are related to lifestyle and daily oral hygiene habits.

The main causes of dental sensitivity in the young population include the following:

  • Incorrect tooth brushing, applying high pressure that causes tooth enamel wear or gum recession.
  • Use of highly abrasive toothpastes, which can wear away enamel and expose dentin.
  • Tooth whitening treatments that increase sensitivity for a certain period of time.
  • Consumption of high-acid foods and beverages, such as juices, soft drinks and other sugary or carbonated beverages.
  • Gastroesophageal reflux that acidify the oral cavity, damaging the enamel.
  • Wear of the dental pieces due to bruxism or grinding of the teeth.
  • Cavities or breaks in the tooth that expose the dentin.
  • Worn fillings.

In the same way, it is frequent to suffer from a dental hypersensitization after dental treatment such as mucogingival surgery, orthodontics or the placement of a filling. This type of sensitivity is transient and will cease with the passing of the days.

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How to avoid sensitive teeth?

Depending on the main cause, there are many preventive treatments that can be used to avoid that annoying dental pain.

One of the first measures is to ensure proper oral hygiene.

Practicing the correct brushing technique, as well as the use of a non-abrasive toothpaste so as not to damage the enamel or cause the gums to recede.

It is also important for any patient suffering from tooth sensitivity to follow a diet low in sugary foods and drinks, as well as limiting the consumption of acidic foods.

KIN Sensitive Tooth Care Products

The Cariax Desensitizing KIN line prevents and fights dental hypersensitivity to cold or heat. It has a toothpaste and a Mouthwash specially designed for the daily care of sensitive teeth, includes fluoride in its formulation that provides protection to the enamel.

For more specific care, KIN has SensiKIN gel toothpaste and SensiKIN mouth spray, which not only allow a comfortable application to the affected area but also provide fast and effective action.

Whatever the cause of tooth sensitivity, there is a concrete solution to fight it, preventing it from becoming a daily problem. Find the best treatment and forget about sensitive teeth!


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