KIN Smiles Commitment

Our commitment is always to dental health


We have been at your side for more than 50 years, helping and accompanying families from the very beginning.

Our commitment is with you, we care about the dental health of your children and we want to give you the best so that children, young people, adults and elderly people show healthy teeth without complexes.

We want to maintain the same philosophy and values with which we started and have grown. We accompanied entire generations and were present in many homes, witnessing their most important moments: the first visit of the tooth fairy, your first day at school, brushing your teeth before your first kiss, the first job interview, a wedding, children, grandchildren, etc.

We take comfort in having been there for you, committed to offering innovative and quality products, helping you achieve a healthy mouth and fresh breath. It was Laboratorios KIN born with the ideal of helping to establish good oral habits among the population. Now we are working on the expansion and internationalization of the brand to raise awareness among more people, and to share all that we have learned over the years.

We undertake solidarity initiatives, collaborate with different NGOs, give lectures and share knowledge. We want to reach every corner of the world, especially those who need it.

We want to enter your homes, because you want us to be there. From a close, personal and direct language, being warmer and committed to our work of dissemination; our website is born from all these values. With it we want to instruct and help you, improve the oral health of your children and ensure that these good habits are transmitted to the new generations that are growing up.

We want to be useful and reach out to everyone using the many channels available to us. The digital age and social networks make it easier. We want to be there, for you, by your side. We're wherever you are.