How can you get whiter teeth?

How to get white teeth

A bright white smile has become the latest trend in the world of aesthetics. In order to maintain whiter teethwhile preserving the natural shade of the tooth enamel, there are several tips that dental professionals offer us to put into practice on an individual basis.

Today's lifestyle lifestyle, in which there is a high consumption of drinks and foods that stain the teeth (such as coffee, tea, wine and some soft drinks) favours the progressive appearance of stains on the teeth., turning the enamel yellower and yellower. With the passage of time, the smile fades, so that the teeth move away from the aesthetic ideal we wish to achieve.

Why do teeth stain? Is it normal to have an extremely white smile? How to get whiter teeth without damaging tooth enamel? We answer all your questions to help you keep your teeth healthy and shiny.

The shade of our teeth

The shade of teeth often varies from person to person. The colour is determined by genetic factors. The shade of the teeth is determined by the colour of the dentine itself.

Dentine is the inner tissue of the teeth. It is protected by tooth enamel, a tissue of high hardness and resistance that is white in colour. Over time, the enamel tends to wear away, the enamel tends to wear away in a process that is absolutely normal.

When they come into contact with certain substances that colour the enamel, the teeth become yellow, with a duller colour, and the layer becomes thinner due to wear and tear.

The natural colour of the teeth is defined by the age of the person, the type of teeth, the care received, race, skin colour, and other external factors.

It is impossible to match the tone so that everyone has the same white smile. However, today's current tooth whitening techniques allow the recovery of the initial enamel shade, and are very useful to lighten the natural colour of the tooth itself.

Why do teeth stain?

Dental stains are small imperfections that gradually appear on the surface of the enamel. There are many the reasons why teeth become stained, but among the mostbut among the most frequent we can highlight the following:

  • Poor oral hygiene.
  • Consumption of food and beverages with intense colours.
  • Smoking.
  • Certain medical treatments affecting the integrity of the enamel.
  • Dental trauma.

Tooth stains can be superficial, easier to treat, or occur in the deeper layers of the enamel.

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Why do teeth turn yellow?

Teeth turn yellow due to the natural ageing process of tooth enamel. natural ageing process of tooth enamel. As the outer layer that protects the tooth wears away, it gradually exposes the dentine, which becomes more yellowish in colour.

Genetically, there are people who have whiter teeth, and others who have a slightly yellowish discolouration. This is completely normal, and is due to the mineral composition of the enamel in each person.

However,if teeth are not properly cared for, they are more prone to premature ageing and premature yellowing.

Do you want to prevent your teeth from turning yellow? The key is to take care of them from childhood and throughout your life - it's easier than you think!

Tips for white teeth

As we have already seen, tooth discolouration is a natural process that occurs with age. It is impossible to It is impossible to maintain the same pearly whites as we get older. as we grow older. But there are a few tricks that can help you improve the appearance of your smile.

Tooth whitening treatments have become fashionable in recent years. These consist of the application of a product that acts on the enamel, eliminating stains to achieve a whiter and brighter colour.

Many of these treatments are carried out in the dental clinic for the best results. There are also others that can be carried out at home.

Do you want to know what types of tooth whitening exist and what each one consists of? Find out at through this link on the KIN blog.

While the most effective whitening treatments are those carried out in the dental clinic, there are other completely safe and effective oral hygiene products that can be used at home. These include toothpastes and mouthwashes with whitening properties for tooth enamel.

Recommended products for whiter teeth

Nowadays there are many types of toothpastes with whitening function for whiter and brighter teeth. Not all of them are equally effective, and some may even be harmful to tooth enamel, with a formulation that is not suitable for tooth care.

KIN Whitening FKD toothpaste is a product suitable for daily use. It contains micropulverized sodium bicarbonate, which helps in the progressive elimination of stains, recovering or maintaining the natural white of the enamel.

Thanks to its formulation soft, it does not damage the enamel and is gentle to the gums.. It contains fluoridein an adequate amount for the prevention of caries.

Tips for keeping teeth white

In addition to the use of teeth whitening products, if you want to have healthier, whiter teeth, there are other there are other basic tips you can put into practice on a daily basis:


Always brush your teeth properly after every meal. It should be thorough, to prevent dirt and stains from building up on the enamel over time. over time.

Flossing (or using interdental brushes) and mouthwashes are an extra help to keep plaque at bay. Prevent teeth from losing their natural colour with these simple practices.

Frequent visits to the dentist

It is inevitable that over time the tooth enamel will suffer some damage. That iswhy an annual visit to the dentist is so important, as well as a more thorough professional hygiene at regular intervals.

The dentist will be able to detect any problems with your teeth and gums at an early you the precise recommendations for an early solution. Going to the dentist is not just a question of aesthetics. Do it above all for your oral health.

Healthy diet for teeth

Eating a balanced diet, rich in foods that are healthy for teeth, is of vital importance. The enamel and dentine of the teeth need the correct supply of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances that directly affect their appearance and colour.

Avoid consumption of foods and drinks that cause discolouration of the teeth, as well as the formation of cavities and tartar build-up due to an excess of sugary and acidic foodsand the formation of cavities and the accumulation of tartar due to an excess of sugary and acidic foods that end up yellowing the teeth.

The range of of possibilities when it comes to getting whiter teeth is very wide. is very wide. Ask your dentist or pharmacist which products are best suited to whiten your teeth, keeping your smile healthy and perfect every day of the year.


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