We often tend to deal with dental care of the little ones, and we forget that adults also must follow some simple routines to maintain good oral health and avoid long-term ailments. It is very simple if we consider and integrate these four routines in our daily lives.

4 routines for good oral health

Oral Hygiene

Teeth should be brushed at least 3 times a day (after each meal), with a good fluoride toothpaste, so to remove dental plaque.

It is very important brushing before bedtime, as it is in this period, when the mouth remains shut for so long, when bacteria that accumulate on teeth can proliferate more easily.

The use of a dental Floss or interdental brushes is recommended at least once a day, without forgetting the use of a good mouthwash after brushing.

Avoid complications

If we follow a good hygiene routine as described above, we are preventing tooth decay or oral complications. Still, it is important to identify them in time. So, if you feel discomfort or pain for more than 15 days, go and see your dentist! By doing so, we will likely avoid irreversible damage.

Healthy diet

Foodstuffs can be great allies in terms of oral health. A healthy and varied diet helps strengthen our autoimmune system and is better to fight against infections and diseases, including the oral ones.

In addition, limit the use of sugary foodstuffs and note that beverages, such as wine or coffee and substances such as tobacco do not contribute to get a white, bright and healthy smile.

See your dentist

See your dentist at least twice a year. These visits are necessary for good oral health and will help you detect potential complications on time.

From Laboratorios KIN, we hope these tips help you acquire a good daily routine to enjoy a good oral health.

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