The electric toothbrush is the ideal complement to the manual toothbrush. Contrary to what you might think a priori, electric brushes do not reduce the average brushing time, because to achieve optimal results with these devices, the same or even more time is required than with a manual.

Therefore, it is recommended that for those brushes to which we cannot dedicate enough time (during the day, for example), the traditional manual should be used, while the electric one should only be used when the necessary time is really available (usually at night).

Technique for using the electric toothbrush

According to experts, the recommended technique for cleaning teeth with an electric toothbrush is as follows:

Divide the oral cavity into four quadrants and dedicate about 3-5 seconds to each dental piece.

Following the line of the gums, place the head on each tooth by drawing slow circular movements to cover the entire external surface, also trying to affect the interdental spaces that surround it.

Repeat the same operation with the internal faces of the teeth, affecting the lower incisors which are usually the teeth that accumulate more plaque.

Place the brush parallel to the faces of the molars and let the brush remove plaque one by one.

The best toothbrush

To guarantee the effectiveness of the bristles of your electric toothbrush, it is advisable to change the rounded head every 2-3 months or when it is observed that they have deformed and no longer offer resistance.

There are electric toothbrushes with round heads and elongated heads; the former adapt better to the tooth surface and provide more effective cleaning of the entire oral cavity.

Laboratorios KIN also offers its rechargeable electric brush with two interchangeable heads: Total Cleaning and Sensitive.

cepillo de dientes electrico kin

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