KIN commitment to smiles

We have always been committed to dental health


We have been by your side for over 50 years, helping and supporting families right from the start.

We are committed to you. We care about the dental health of your children and we want to give you the best products so that all children, young people, adults and the elderly can confidently show off a healthy smile.

We want to maintain the same philosophy and values with which we started and have grown. We accompany whole generations and we have been present in many homes, witnessing their most important moments: the first visit from the tooth fairy, the first day at school, brushing your teeth before that first kiss, the first job interview, the wedding, having children, grandchildren, etc.

We are pleased that we have been there for you, committed to offering innovative, high-quality products, helping you to achieve a healthy smile and fresh breath. Laboratorios KIN was created with the aim of helping to establish good oral habits among the communities. We are currently working on the expansion and internationalisation of the brand to deliver this message to more people and share everything that we have learnt over all of these years.

We launch solidarity initiatives, work together with various NGOs, hold conferences and share our knowledge. We want to reach all four corners of the world, especially those people who need us most.

We want to enter your homes because you want us to be there. By using a plain and simple language, being more caring and committed to our efforts to raise awareness; our website was created as a result of all of these values. We want it to educate and help you, to improve your children’s oral health and to ensure that these good habits are passed down to the younger generations as they grow up.

We want to be useful and reach everyone by using the numerous channels that are at our disposal. The digital age and social media make this easier. We want to be there for you; by your side. We are with you wherever you are.