Laboratorios KIN, with the Sepa OnAir 2020 Congress


Laboratorios KINThe company, always in the hands of the dental profession and committed to continuous training, has participated as a collaborator of the Spanish Society of Periodontology in the development of several webinars that took place in the annual SEPA On Air 2020 congress, this time in digital format from 11 September to 28 November.

The first one took place on October 8th and was about "Placement of immediate implants with hard and soft tissue regeneration". It counted with the intervention of Dr. Matteo Albertini and with the coordination and moderation of Dr. José Nart.

A specific session on "Mucositis treatment and prevention of periimplantitis" was held on 22 October, with Dr Carla Mozas as speaker.

On November 4, Dr. José Nart was also responsible for moderating another webinar supported by KIN; in this case, the topic was "Diagnosis and treatment of periimplantitis", which was addressed by Dr. Beatriz de Tapia.

And to end the training sessions, on November 11, Dr. Alberto Monje spoke about the "Evaluation of local and patient-specific risk factors for the prevention of periimplantitis".

Laboratorios KIN would like to especially thank SEPA for its support in the training of the dental group, promoting Periodontics and oral health in all areas, both professional and social.

For more information on the Sepa OnAir 2020 Congress, here



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