Oral hygiene in teenagers is essential. This is one of the stages of life in which there is an increased risk of dental problems. Since puberty, there are psychological, hormonal changes, etc. that favor the appearance of caries, gingivitis and / or trauma. Lifestyle, diet and lack of proper oral hygiene measures, in addition to the acquisition of some harmful habits such as tobacco and alcohol, make teenagers’ oral healthcare an arduous task for their parents.

What can we do to enhance oral hygiene in adolescence?

Each age has its motivations and teenagers, in general, are very sensitive to their personal appearance. Many brush their teeth to avoid visible dirt and bad breath, but few take care of them to prevent tooth decay or gum problems. The best way to help them is to teach them that a correct oral hygiene will provide them with not only a beautiful smile but also greater self-esteem, and in this way we combine oral care with aesthetics.

Here are some basic tips to improve the dental health of our teenagers.

Tips to improve dental health

1.- Limit consumption of soft drinks: soda sugar can cause tooth decay and acid additives erode and damage tooth enamel.

2.- Avoid mouth piercings: these types of accessories can fracture tooth enamel.

3.- Safety in sport: wearing a mouth guard helps prevent possible dental injuries.

4.- Healthy habits: healthy eating helps prevent oral diseases and drinking water cleanses excess bacteria and food debris in the teeth.

5.- Correct toothbrushing: deep toothbrushing with a fluoride toothpaste, twice a day and complementing it withe the use of the dental floss.

6.- Avoid the use of bleaches: it is recommended to visit the dental specialist for personalized advice since, depending on the age, the pulp of the tooth may not yet be formed, which will lead to greater sensitivity if bleaching products are used improperly.

7.- Visit the dentist: at least twice a year (revision and dental hygiene).

Having good habits of oral hygiene during the teenage years and regularly visiting the dentist helps maintain good dental health. In addition, Laboratorios KIN has a range of products to help your daily oral hygiene.

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