Brush KIN Prosthetics

Specific toothbrush for dentures.

For the daily hygiene of dentures, orthodontic appliances and mouthguards.

With two different sized heads for deeper and more precise cleaning.

Laboratorios KIN offers a wide range of specific brushes for every age and need.

Brush KIN Prosthetics

Brush KIN Prosthetics

Proper cleaning of dentures helps to maintain oral health. The KIN denture brush is indicated for daily hygiene of dentures, orthodontic appliances and mouthguards.


  • 1 pc
kin protesis brush


The KIN Prosthesis brush has been designed to help maintain correct hygiene of prostheses, orthodontic appliances and relief splints. Thanks to its double brush head in different sizes, it allows for deeper cleaning. The larger head is designed to clean the larger, flatter areas, while the smaller head is perfect for more precise cleaning of the smaller, inner areas of dentures. In addition, the ergonomic handle makes cleaning more comfortable and easy to handle.

*KIN Laboratories has a wide range of specific dental accessories for every age and need.

How to use

Its double head of different sizes achieves an in-depth cleaning of prostheses, orthodontic appliances, discharge splints.

EAN 13 codes

  • 1 pc: 8436026212967

National Code

  • 1 pc: 175242.0
kin protesis brush

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