Prevention and oral health care begins at a very young age, when the first teeth begin to erupt. It is very important to start with the routine of children's oral cleaning, the acquisition of the habit and its maintenance.

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Sodium fluoride: 500 ppm F-
Xylitol: 1,00 %.


Formulated with the dose of fluoride ideal for children from 12 months (500 ppm) and xylitol, protects and promotes the growth of healthy and well cared for baby teeth.
Its attractive strawberry flavour makes it easy to use on a daily basis.
- Protects against dental caries.
- Remineralises and strengthens your teeth.
- Cleans teeth thoroughly.
- Cares for tooth enamel.

How to use

Brush your teeth with a brush soft for 2-3 minutes after each meal, preferably after eating sweets and before going to bed.
For a complete oral hygiene it is recommended to use it together with FluorKIN Infantil Mouthwash.


Do not swallow.


50 ml
75 ml
100 ml

EAN Code 13

8470001509826 (75ml)
8470002324541 (50ml)
8470003045353 (100ml)