Mouthwash Ortho KIN

If daily oral hygiene is important for anyone, it is essential for orthodontic braces wearers, as they have a higher risk of enamel wear and increasement of plaque buildup. Nowadays, there is a wide range of products specifically indicated for orthodontics, ranging from everyday hygiene products, to solutions ...

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Chlorhexidine digluconate: 0,06 %.
Zinc acetate: 0,34
Sodium fluoride: 226 ppm F-


Specific oral hygiene for orthodontic appliance wearers with bad oral hygiene habits. Formulated with fluoride, chlorhexidine DG and zinc salt for better control of dental plaque.

How to use

Rinse twice a day for 1 minute with 15 ml of the undiluted product, after brushing, morning and evening. It is advisable to Do not swallow food or drink until at least half an hour after use.
We recommend the use of OrthoKIN Mint following the
Indications from your dentist.


Do not swallow.
For over 12 years old.


500 ml

EAN Code 13