How to protect teeth from caries in the right way

Protect teeth from cavities

Caries is one of the most frequent oral diseases among the population. Despite the fact that nowadays there are guides that tell you how to protect your teeth from cavities, this infection is still prevalent among children and adults of all ages.This infection is still prevalent among children and adults of all ages.

How can we protect protect the oral health of the whole family by controlling the by controlling the development of cavities? The key lies in the acquisition of correct oral health habits and theand the use of appropriate preventiveons and the use of appropriate preventive measures.

What is dental caries?

Caries is a type of type of infection that occurs in the teeth due to the due to the activity of certain microorganisms that live in the oral cavity. One of the bacteria most commonly associated with caries is Streptococcus mutansalthough there are many others that can cause it.

Bacteria are found naturally in the mouth, increasing their reproduction and activity when they have a suitable growth medium. The presence of food remains, especially sugary foods, increases the metabolism of bacteria associated with the appearance of dental caries.increases the metabolism of bacteria associated with the appearance of dental caries.

The food metabolized by these bacteria results in the release of acids that gradually erode and destroy acids that gradually erode and eventually destroy the tooth enamel.. If there is not a correct balance between mineralization and destruction of the enamel, caries appears in the affected area.

When does tooth decay occur?

Caries are the consequence of a combination of combination of a number of factors. From the presence of these oral bacteria or the existing humidity conditions in the oral cavity, to the availability of food remains that are used for their metabolization, as well as insufficient dental cleaning.

There are areas in the mouth where food accumulates more frequently. The surface of the back molars, the interdental spaces or the line between the tooth and the gum are some of them.

Bacteria start by forming a biofilm forming a layer of biofilm on the enamel surface, which over time damages the tissue and spreads.over time, which over time damages the tissue and spreads. Once a small opening or hole is formed, the spread of decay into the tooth is greatly accelerated.

What types of caries are there?

Caries begins by affecting the tooth enamel, the outermost layer. The first sign is the appearance of a small white spot, which, if not treatedwhich, if not treated in time, will spread towards the inside of the tissue.

There are different types of caries depending on the area of the tooth that has been affected. The main ones include:

  • Crown cariesCrown caries: It affects the chewing surface of the teeth, in the upper part. It is the most common in children.
  • Root cariesRoot caries: Due to gum recession, the base of the tooth is exposed and unprotected. The formation of biofilm and the appearance of caries is more rapid in this area of the dentin.
  • Fissure cariesFissure caries is a type of caries caused by the action of bacteria that have entered the tooth enamel through a fissure or crack in the enamel.
  • Interdental cariesIt affects the interproximal spaces, where food debris and dental plaque accumulate because they cannot be properly accessed with the toothbrush during dental cleaning.
  • Recurrent cariesRecurrent caries: After a restoration or the previous placement of a crown, there are areas where bacteria can accumulate and produce a new caries.

How to protect teeth from cavities?

Tooth decay is usually caused by a combination of several factors. One of the main reasons is insufficient oral hygiene, as well as certain habits that can damage the integrity of tooth enamel.

Do you know how to protect teeth from caries? The prevention of this oral infection requires action at several levels:

Oral hygiene

Maintaining a good oral hygiene routine is key to prevent tooth decay. The daily oral care begins with brushing your teeth after every mealand especially at night before going to sleep, using the most appropriate technique.

Toothpastes with fluoride help remineralize tooth enamel to keep it stronger. FluorKIN Anticaries combines a specific toothpaste and a specific Mouthwash to control the adhesion of bacterial plaque on enamel.

In addition to brushing and using mouthwashes, it is important not to forget to clean the interdental spaces, gum line and tongue. cleaning of the interdental spaces, gum line and tongue, which are often more difficult to reach.which are often more difficult to reach. Discover other tips to ensure good daily toothbrushing for the whole family. for the whole family.


As we have already seen, diet plays a very important role. If you want to know how to protect your teeth from caries, pay attention to the consumption of sugars.

Avoid drinks and foods with a high concentration of sugar, such as soft drinks, juices such as soft drinks, juices, sweets or industrial pastries among others. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet, providing your teeth with the nutrients they need to be stronger.

Dental check-ups

Another of the most important recommendations... for the care of teeth against cavities is to visit the dentist regularly. is to visit the dentist regularly. At least once a year, dental check-ups allow for early detection of brushing errors or incipient caries in its earliest stages.

The role of the dentist is also to perform professional oral professional oral cleanings as an extra complement, as well as to stop the development of caries if fissures or tartar formation has occurred.and to stop the development of caries if there has been any fissure or tartar formation.

Child prevention

How to protect teeth from cavities in children? Children's baby teeth are more delicate than adults' teeth.. There are specific oral hygiene products and accessories for their care.

It is the task of parents to ensure that children learn good oral hygiene habits, which they will maintain throughout their lives. Children also need to have regular regular check-ups at the pediatric dentistin order to avoid the problem of childhood caries.

How to brush your teeth correctly to prevent cavities?

Here's how to protect your teeth from cavities through brushing and thorough oral hygiene. Follow these steps to keep your teeth cleaner and more cared for:

  1. Choose a toothbrush, preferably with soft or medium bristles.preferably with soft or medium bristles.
  2. Complement it with a fluoride toothpaste to promote the remineralization of tooth enamel.
  3. Always brush your teeth after every meal, spending at least 2 minutes at each session. Place the toothbrush at a 45° angle to the gum line.
  4. Perform vertical movements from the gingiva to the tooth brushing the entire surface. The movements should always be gentle so as not to cause damage to the enamel or gums.
  5. Brush the tongue from back to front.
  6. Finish your oral hygiene routine with the use of a the use of a Mouthwash.
  7. Do not forget to clean the space between the teeth with floss or interdental brushes.
  8. Clean the brush after each use and let the air dry in an upright position and protected from dirt.

Now that you know how to protect your teeth from cavitiesDon't let cavities become a problem so that you and your whole family can enjoy the best health.


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