Research, development and innovation

Passion, talent, commitment and innovation.

The innovative spirit of our R&D+i department and our continuous collaborations with the most prestigious universities, allows us to give a quick and well-measured response to the needs and requirements that continually arise in the dental medicine field.

Research leaders in odontostomatology:

Our achievements and proven innovation capacity are thanks to our continuous research work. Our close relationship with the scientific community ensures peace of mind in our products.


Launching a new product requires a significant effort, both for the company’s various departments and for the external consultants who provide support.

These are the different phases of a new product’s development process, from its creation to its launch, which, in Laboratorios KIN, we follow in a professional and meticulous manner:

Research  ⇒ Product definition ⇒ Pharmaceutical development ⇒ Studies ⇒ Registration ⇒ Launch


Over the last twenty years, Laboratorios KIN’s innovative efforts have been instrumental in us being granted various national and international patents and utility models.

Countries such as Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Uruguay have granted patents for various formulations and inventions developed by Laboratorios KIN, which have brought objective improvements in fields as diverse as the treatment of oral diseases, paediatric dentistry, orthodontics and professional tooth whitening.

This means that Laboratorios KIN can offer a varied, effective and safe range of products that are highly rated by dental practitioners and customers alike.

These patents include:

WHITEKIN: 9902522
KIN EXOGEL: 201132073
KIN FORTE: 1595537 (European patent)