There are different techniques, systems and products to achieve dental whitening. Within these methods we find whitening toothpastes, gels, tooth whitening kits and, of course, different options, such as doing a tooth whitening at home or in the dental clinic.

Tooth whitening is ideal for all those people with healthy gums and teeth who wish to improve the appearance of their smile. If the tone of the teeth is yellowish, the results are much more visible. However, this cosmetic procedure is not recommended for all types of mouths.

Therefore, it is important that you know the types of tooth whitening that exist and, with the help of your dentist, select the most appropriate one according to your needs.


Techniques for achieving perfect tooth whitening

Let's focus on the three most common techniques when it comes to teeth whitening:


1. Outpatient bleaching

It is done at home with the help of a splint and a specific gel. Of course, always under the supervision of your trusted dentist.

This gel based on carbamide peroxide is applied to the internal part of the splint that has to be made beforehand, in a personalized way that reproduces the shape of the patient's teeth. The active product only acts on natural teeth, without damaging or modifying previous restorations, bridges, crowns and fillings.

The result of tooth whitening with this technique is limited and temporary. In other words, once a certain degree of whitening has been achieved, the gel ceases to be effective. After some time of the treatment, it is common for a small relapse of the original shade to occur. Therefore, a yearly session is usually recommended to maintain the whiteness of the teeth. Using certain whitening maintenance products can also help reduce the degree of relapse.


2. Whitening in a single clinic session

In this case, a whitening gel is applied which the specialist activates with pulsed light. This technique allows for the whitening of teeth in a single session. The whitening gel can be composed of different active ingredients and it will be the professional who will evaluate which is more suitable and effective for you.

The session will take no more than an hour and you will get a several shades lighter smile.


3. Bleaching or Maintenance Aids

In this case, rather than carrying out a dental whitening, we refer to the maintenance and correct conservation of the teeth with lighter shades. To do this, we use a whitening toothpaste for daily use (physical polishing).

Depending on the discoloration of the teeth, the specialist dentist will advise one type of whitening or another to achieve an optimal result. None of these techniques is universal for all patients, nor does each person need the same concentration of whitening agents.

It is therefore normal that the results of tooth whitening vary depending on the technique and products used.


How to perform a dental whitening at home?


A correct oral hygiene routine is essential to maintain the natural whiteness of the teeth. It is advisable not to delay oral hygiene more than 20 minutes after consuming food and drinks, especially those that we know produce stains, such as coffee or tea. It is very useful to complement the oral hygiene routine with the use of maintenance whitening products.

At Laboratorios KIN We have several products specifically designed to preserve tooth whiteness either through physical or chemical agents. For this reason, we offer our clients the following possibilities:

  • FKD Bleaching machineBleaching: it is a whitening toothpaste with micropulverized bicarbonate, capable of generating a physical polishing of the surface of the dental enamel. It is for daily use and has an aesthetic effect, so no prescription is required to purchase it and it does not require supervision by the dentist. It progressively removes stains without damaging the enamel.
  • WhiteKIN toothpaste + gelThis tooth whitening is of the professional outpatient type. It can only be purchased at dental clinics since the chemical bleach used requires the supervision of the dentist. The gel has been formulated with 3% carbamide peroxide, a highly effective whitening agent. The toothpaste contains 5% lactoperoxidase, a natural enzyme that accelerates and enhances the whitening effect and protects the oral mucosa. It can be used for treatment and maintenance.
  • WhiteKIN MouthwashThe whitening treatment is a rinse that helps the whitening treatment. You can find it in pharmacies and its use does not require supervision by a dentist.

As you can see, the range of possibilities when it comes to choosing a tooth whitening treatment is quite wide. We recommend you consult your dentist and, of course, help you with KIN products to keep your smile healthy and perfect from home every day of the year.