Ethical Channel

Contributing to your well-being.

Code of Ethics

We are proud to have contributed to improving people's lives since 1964 by researching and developing quality products for oral health care and that today they are available to professionals and users in 60 countries, all with a full focus on respect for people and the environment.

Continuing with one of our founding roots, our commitment is firm in continuing to contribute in an ethical way to the welfare of people and all this under the principles and orientation of objectives, fulfillment of duties and obligations as well as the observation of a conduct and behavior of full integrity, honesty and compliance with the law by all those who make up the Company, making it a model of reliable organization in all its actions and in all areas, both in its internal and external relations.

Our values and principles, both professional and business, guide the full ethical development of our activity and are reflected in the Code of Ethics that Laboratorios KIN has developed.

We provide a whistle-blowing channel for Employees to report any conduct that may contravene the principles of this Code of Ethics.

From here you can send an anonymous report and continue to follow up on it:

Remember to make responsible use of the reporting channel, applying the principle of good faith and avoiding false reports.