Our history

More than 50 years together to make you smile.

At Laboratorios KIN we have been researching and developing quality products for dental health care since 1964. The effort and passion invested in our work allow us to continuously renew the commitment we made to professionals and consumers in the middle of the 20th century. We work hard to be able to bring more smiles to several generations and we succeed.

In 1970, Laboratorios KIN launched the first fluoride mouthwash (FluorKIN Anticaries). Subsequently, our team of researchers continued to work at the cutting edge, continually introducing new products and obtaining groundbreaking patents.

This way, the consumer knows they will find specific and effective solutions for their oral care need,  in their trusted pharmacy, entrusting the oral health of their family to products of unquestionable excellence.

The long history of Laboratorios KIN is made up of many little stories and countless little achievements that explain why we are so successful.

Today, KIN is a recognized and consolidated brand that in 2002 decided to grow beyond the Spanish borders, creating its first subsidiary in Portugal. That same year, the patent for the product WhiteKIN was granted in Spain, the first enzymatic oxidation tooth whitening system, which was subsequently also granted in Portugal, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, and Uruguay. In 2006 we expanded our presence by opening subsidiaries in Central America and Brazil.

The talent and creativity of our research team have made us pioneers in the innovation and development of products and treatments for dental health.


Our work and innovative efforts over the last twenty years have been recognized by obtaining 8 national and international patents and various utility models.

Countries such as Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Uruguay have granted patents to various compositions and inventions developed by Laboratorios KIN, these have brought objective improvements in fields as diverse as the treatment of oral pathology, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and professional tooth whitening.

This way, Laboratorios KIN is able to offer a catalogue of differentiated, effective, and safe products that are highly appreciated by dental professionals and consumers alike.

We share our philosophy, values, and products in more than 60 countries, raising awareness and educating families around the world about the importance of proper oral hygiene.

Now, encouraged by the confidence of dental professionals and consumers, we are taking on new challenges, new initiatives, and products to continue making the world smile.

For all these reasons, we feel more eager than ever to continue to be by your side for many more years.


March 22nd


Foundation of Laboratorios KIN.

March 22nd


Launch of FluorKIN, the first fluoride mouthwash.

March 22nd


Launch of Cariax Gingival. First mouthwash with chlorhexidine, intended for the treatment of inflammation and bleeding of the gums.

March 22nd


Inauguration of the manufacturing plant and offices at 123 Ciutat de Granada Street in Barcelona.

March 22nd


Launch of Cariax Desensitizer. First specific mouthwash for the treatment of dental sensitivity. In addition, Laboratorios KIN begins export activity.

March 22nd


Obtaining the patent for OrthoKIN, the first specific mouthwash for orthodontic wearers.
Creation of the Scientific Advisory Board of Laboratorios KIN. Start of management by business units.

March 22nd


Inauguration and start of activities of the Portuguese subsidiary, Laboratórios KIN S.A. Branch in Portugal.

Patent obtained for WhiteKIN, the first enzymatic oxidation tooth whitening system.

March 22nd


Obtaining the ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

March 22nd


Obtaining the patents for KIN Forte Gingival mouthwash and FluorKIN Calcium mouthwash.

March 22nd


Implementation of subsidiaries in Brazil and Central America.

March 22nd


Expansion into Asian markets.

March 22nd


Presence of Laboratorios KIN in more than 50 countries. Outsourcing and diversification of production activities.

March 22nd


Launch of WhiteKIN, the first enzymatic tooth whitening system.

March 22nd


Launch of KIN Gingival Complex (Chlorhexidine DG 0.12% and Alpantha). New oral antiseptic for periodontal treatment

March 22nd


Obtaining the patents for KIN Gingival Complex (Chlorhexidine DG 0.12% and Alpantha) and KIN Exogel.

March 22nd


Consolidated presence in 60 countries. 8 national and international patents granted.

March 22nd


Launch of KIN Exogel. The first gel with tranexamic acid for use in the dental clinic.

March 22nd


Laboratorios KIN celebrates half a century, looking back on a 50-year history of helping to create healthy smiles around the world.

March 22nd


Adaptation of the Quality Management System to the new version of the ISO 9001:2015 standard

March 22nd


The image of all Laboratorios KIN products is renewed through an ambitious brand architecture project, giving the products a more modern, consistent, attractive, and uniform image.

March 22nd


Inauguration and transfer to new facilities on Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona, equipped with advanced R+D+i and digital resources to successfully face the rapidly changing environment.

We implemented the "paperless office" concept, an initiative that has enabled us to reduce paper consumption by 90% over the last 5 years.

29th May


Our innovative spirit allows us to present a product capable of revolutionizing the field of periodontics and surgery: PerioKIN Hyaluronic 1% Gel. Its patented formula represents the recognition of the innovation provided by this product after years of research.

Laboratorios KIN launches new website, more modern, attractive, dynamic and with greater ease of navigation.