KIN Philosophy


In oral health care
since 1964.

Our mission

To contribute to the restoration and maintenance of people's health by providing them with specialised, innovative, quality, effective and safe products. 


Our vision

To continue to develop and offer new products that contribute to improving people's oral health, providing our customers and consumers with maximum satisfaction of their needs.

Our KIN vision

Our values

We achieve all this with:

  • Commitment to the company and to results
  • Customer orientation
  • Passion
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Pursuit of Excellence
Our KIN values

Quality policy

At Laboratorios KIN we know how important it is to satisfy our customers' needs in order to consolidate our expansion. For this reason, our main commitments are:

  • Leading innovation in products and processes, especially in the dental sector. 
  • To develop new products that contribute to improving people's oral health and general well-being. 
  • To ensure their manufacture according to the specified quality and in compliance with the applicable legal requirements.
  • To provide customer service by making technological tools available that facilitate and improve communication and service.
  • To strive to continually improve the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of our processes.
KIN Quality Policy KIN Quality Policy