How long can tooth sensitivity last?

How long can tooth sensitivity last?

Although tooth sensitivity is a sharp pain that lasts only a few seconds, some people may suffer from it for a long period of time. How long does tooth sensitivity last from the time it starts until it disappears? The process will depend on the type of hypersensitivity in each patient.

Knowing the origin of dental sensitivity it is possible to know if it is a temporary discomfort or if it is necessary to act because the dental enamel is damaged. Let's see what the main reasons are and what should be the estimated estimated duration of the dental sensitivity sensitivity.

What is tooth sensitivity?

Dentin or tooth sensitivity is a sharp, localized pain localized, sharp pain that occurs in a specific area of the mouth.. It is noticed as a brief but intense prick, caused by contact with an external physical, chemical or thermal agent with the affected tooth.

The best way to prevent and treat tooth sensitivity is to pay special attention to daily oral health care. daily oral health care.. However, there are times when it is impossible to prevent it from appearing, and its duration can vary greatly.

Why does tooth sensitivity occur?

The function of the enamel that covers the teeth is to protect the internal tissues against external aggressions. When the enamel is damaged, the dentin is exposed.. This tissue is composed of thousands of nerve endings that are related to tooth sensitivity.

Stimuli from the outside can penetrate the dentin through microscopic channels acting on the nerve. This leads to the appearance of a small twinge, which is known as tooth sensitivity.

And why can dentin be exposed? There are two main reasons:

  • Due to progressive wear of the enamel.
  • Due to gum recession, which leaves the root of the tooth uncovered.

If you want to know more about the causes of tooth sensitivitykeep digging in KIN's blog.

How long does tooth sensitivity last?

Tooth sensitivity can become a chronic problem chronic problem when the enamel of the teeth is damaged.. This is related to multiple causes such as periodontal diseases, caries or fracture of the dental pieces, enamel wear due to age or bad habits, or bruxism, among others.

In these cases, tooth sensitivity does not disappear by itself. It is necessary the intervention of the dentist is necessary to apply the most suitable treatment and reinforce the natural barrier of the dentin.

However, on other occasions tooth sensitivity is temporary, increasing for a period of time and then disappearing. 

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How long does acute tooth sensitivity last? This will depend on the reason for its occurrence. 

Dental sensitivity due to braces

The placement of brackets of the orthodontic appliance directly on the teeth to be corrected can increase their sensitivity. While the discomfort the discomfort of brackets brackets last only 3 to 4 days, normal brackets can bedays, brackets brackets Incognito lingual brackets can develop discomfort up to 2 weeks later.

Sensitivity of a filling

After undergoing a filling or any other dental treatment, sensitivity appears and decreases with time. The process may last between 2 and 3 months until the discomfort disappears completely.. If the pain persists, it is advisable to consult your dentist.

Sensitivity to tooth whitening

Another main reason for tooth sensitivity is the application of a whitening treatment. It is normal that during and after the treatment is completed, the sensitivity increases and disappears in a matter of hours or days.It disappears in a matter of hours or days.

Follow your dentist's instructions at all times to prevent tissue inflammation and alleviate temporary sensitivity as much as possible.

Treatment for temporary tooth sensitivity

The first step in treating tooth sensitivity is to consult the cause with your dentist. In this way, the best diagnosis can be made and treatment can be tailored to your individual needs.

Both to treat temporary tooth sensitivity and to prevent its occurrence for the most common reasons we have mentioned, the use of toothpaste and Mouthwash SensiKIN are an excellent remedy to alleviate discomfort.

This specific KIN line for the treatment of tooth sensitivity helps to combat dental biofilm while helps to combat dental biofilm and at the same time desensitizes the nerves of the dental pulp. It prevents discomfort caused during brushing and allows a complete oral hygiene.

In addition to the toothpaste and mouthwash, the SensiKIN line includes a dental gel and a mouth spray SensiKIN line includes a dental gel and a mouth spray that are applied directly to the affected area.. Their function is to desensitize the dentin, preventing the appearance of pain in response to certain external stimuli.

For reduce tooth sensitivityyour dentist will be able to help you find the perfect solution. In the meantime, SensiKIN products will become your best ally.


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