How long does the effect of teeth whitening last?

Duration of tooth whitening

Teeth whitening has become one of the most demanded treatments nowadays to achieve a more beautiful smile.. This procedure can be performed in the dental clinic or at home, following the dentist's instructions correctly. But exactly how long does teeth whitening last and how can we prolong its effect? its effect?

Through whitening it is possible to recover the natural color of the teeth that over time and age has deteriorated. However, post-treatmentHowever, post-treatment oral care plays a very important role in order to maintain the natural color of the teeth. to ensure that the teeth maintain their natural color.

If you are thinking about taking the plunge and want to know how long teeth whitening lasts, these tips will help you have healthy, beautiful teeth for longer.

What is teeth whitening?

Tooth whitening is a type of cosmetic aesthetic treatment that achieves the lightening of the shade of tooth enamel.. Through the use of different products and techniques carried out by a professional or at home, teeth look whiter and brighter.

A special gel with whitening special gel with whitening properties penetrates into the deep layers of the enamel when it has lost its original white. Depending on the type of procedure used, the durability of the results may vary.

Why have teeth whitening?

There are many reasons why a person resorts to dental whitening to achieve a lighter shade of enamel. The passage of time, the aging of the teeth, a poor oral hygiene routine, or the consumption of certain foods, drinks and substances, end up coloring and staining the outermost layer of the teeth. color and stain the outermost layer of the teeth..

The following are some of the most most frequent reasons why the patient wants to have a tooth enamel whitening enamel whitening:

  • Improve aesthetics by showing off a whiter and brighter smile.
  • It is a very comfortable treatment that gives excellent results.
  • This is a minimally invasive technique, which, when applied correctly and with the appropriate products, does not damage tooth enamel.
  • Easy to apply both in the clinic and at home.
  • It allows a very natural result recovering the usual shade of the teeth.
  • With proper care, it is possible to prolong the effect of tooth whitening.

How long does the effect of teeth whitening last?

Unfortunately, teeth whitening is not a permanent treatment, teeth whitening is not a permanent treatment.. After its application, as time goes by, the enamel may lose its bright white shade again.

How long does teeth whitening last? The duration is closely related to the patient's lifestyle and post-treatment care. Following the Indications of the professionals, a dental whitening can last several years, or even a lifetime.or even a lifetime.

If necessary, the treatment can be repeated after a certain period of time without any risk to the integrity of the enamel.

How can its effectiveness be prolonged?

The key to knowing how long a dental treatment lasts is to learn how to correct and maintain good dental habits. learning how to correct and maintain good dental habits.. Thanks to whitening, the natural color of the enamel is recovered. From there, each patient can act individually so that this color is maintained as long as possible.

What are the recommended guidelines to extend the effect of dental treatment? There is no secret. To reinforce teeth whitening is as simple as following the right daily habits.

Good oral hygiene

It prevents the enamel from re-darkening or staining by ensuring complete oral hygiene. It is essential to brushing teeth after meals, complemented by flossing, interproximal brushingIt is essential to brush the teeth after meals, complementing it with the use of dental floss, interproximal brushes and a good rinse.

The fkd whitening toothpaste is an excellent adjuvant to prevent the re-formation of stains on the enamel, while at the same time avoiding the appearance of tartar and preventing caries. Thanks to its formulation, this toothpaste is suitable for daily use.

Taking care of your diet

Taking care of your diet is another essential tip to extend the effect of teeth whitening. Avoid staining beverages such as wine, coffee or tea.. It is advisable to consume in moderation foods that can color the enamel, as well as to reduce the intake of acidic foods and drinks such as citrus fruits, fruit juices or fizzy drinks.

Tobacco directly affects the color of teeth. Specifically, nicotine is one of the main responsible for the yellowing of teeth. Eliminate it from your life!

Professional oral hygiene

It is also advisable to visit the dentist frequently for an oral health check-up. If necessary, professional dental hygiene eliminates the remains of tartar that over time colors the enamel and can cause damage to teeth and gums. and can cause damage to teeth and gums.

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WhiteKIN Treatment

Although teeth whitening treatment can be repeated over a lifetime, there are other little tricks that allow you to maintain the effect for a longer time without constantly resorting to this type of intervention. The WhiteKIN whitening treatment enhances and helps to extend the effect of professional whitening from the comfort of your home. 

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This treatment consists of a toothpaste + gel to be applied during brushing. Contains whitening agents that do not damage enamel or cause sensitivitysuch as carbamide peroxide. It also contains fluoride and xylitol to prevent caries, and lactoperoxidases, natural enzymes that enhance whitening and protect the mucosa. 

Complement your oral health care with the Mouthwash WhiteKIN for daily usewith active agents to prevent enamel staining and enhance the effect of whiteners.

WhiteKIN paste + gel is a product distributed exclusively through dental clinics. You can ask your dentist for information on how to use and purchase it. Consult your dentist for the best treatment to achieve whiter teeth and complete oral health.

How teeth whitening is an important tool in oral care

In addition to being an esthetic treatment, teeth whitening is an excellent alternative to enhance oral health care. excellent alternative to enhance oral health care.. Before its application it is necessary to have a thorough cleaning of teeth and gums by a professional.

Patients who undergo this type of intervention are concerned with prolonging the effects of the treatment for as long as possible. prolong the effects of the treatment for as long as possible.. For this, as we have seen, it is essential to take care of oral hygiene, in addition to ensuring good daily habits that are highly beneficial for teeth and gums.

How long teeth whitening lasts will depend on the care you provide on a daily basis. It is the moment to take it as a a habit to keep for the rest of your life.This way, you will achieve a white, bright and extremely healthy smile.


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